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Wood Chips for Sale Around Adelaide

Firewood, sawdust and pine chips in South Australia

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palletco sa newly manufactured wooden pallets

Whether it be firewood to warm yourself in winter, sawdust for your animal or spill needs or pine chips for your garden, call Palletco SA today!

You can rely on us!


palletco sa fire wood
To minimise wastage, we sell all our pine offcuts to the public to be used as firewood. We can deliver a full truckload (approx. 5T) or you can come and pick it up by the trailer load. When ordering a truckload, we recommend taking/storing it in summer, before the winter chill hits!


palletco sa sawdust
We have been supplying the horse stables of Adelaide for the last 65 years. Our customers also include catteries, animal lovers and factories (ideal for oil spillage). Selling sawdust by the truckload (15m3), trailer load (bring your own) or in 10kg bags, we have an option and price to suit your needs.

Pine Chips

Some of our wood chips for sale in Adelaide
As a sawmill, we also produce pine chips, which we supply to many of the garden supply centres in Adelaide. We also sell directly to the public so call 08 8347 0391 for pricing.
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